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What is it?


What is a Gem:

This is the name of the group of people who come together to deepen the Montfortian spirituality. The initials correspond to the Marian Slavery Group.

Advisable number of people:

The minimum number is 3 people and it is advisable not to exceed 12 members. If this number is exceeded, the group should be divided.

What is intended:

It is intended to reach a deep knowledge and experience of the Marian slavery advocated by Montfort and thus get to live by, with, in and for Mary to achieve union with Christ, holiness.

Who teaches:

The Holy Spirit is the one who should be the main Teacher and protagonist. Hence, prayer, the calm reading of Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, meditative silence and the simple communication of the feelings that the Holy Spirit arouses must predominate in the meeting.

The assistance of a Counselor is ideal but not essential. But there should be a priest from whom to ask for advice when needed.