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It is the Marian Slavery of Love as taught by Saint Louis Maria Grignion de Montfort. Pope Paul VI proclaimed, during the Second Vatican Council, the spiritual motherhood of Mary. Being a mother means being a giver of life. Our supernatural life comes to us through the Redemption of Christ. Mary is associated, by God's will, with redemption, she is our true mother. Thus, as children of her, we have a dependence on her. Nothing so dependent as the child in the mother's womb. If the Christian must imitate Christ, Son of Mary, he must imitate him in that dependence. This is what Montfort calls the Slavery of Love. We must try to live and do all things a) for Mary, b) with Mary, c) in Mary and d) for Mary. That is, a) by means of it; b) following her example; c) affectionately attached to it, and d) consecrating ourselves to it. And she will lead us to Jesus.