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Tribute of the Pope to the immaculate in the Spanish Steps in Rome


Oh Mary, our Immaculate Mother,
On the day of your party I come to you, and I do not come alone:
I bring with me all those that your Son has entrusted to me, in this city of Rome and in the whole world,
so that you bless them and save them from danger.

I bring you, Mother, the children,
especially those alone, abandoned, who for that reason are deceived and exploited.
I bring you, Mother, to the families, who carry on life and society
with his daily and hidden commitment; in particular to families who have more difficulties
for so many internal and external problems. I bring you, Mother, to all the workers, men and women,
And I especially entrust you to those who, out of necessity, strive to perform an unworthy job
and to whom the job has lost it or cannot find it.

We need your immaculate look
to regain the ability to look at people and things with respect and recognition
without selfish interests or hypocrisies. We need your immaculate heart,
to love in a gratuitous way without second ends, but looking for the good of the other,
with simplicity and sincerity, renouncing masks and makeup. We need your immaculate hands
to caress with tenderness, to touch the flesh of Jesus
in the poor, sick, despised brothers, to lift up those who have fallen and support those who waver.
We need your immaculate feet, To meet those who do not know how to take the first step,
to walk the paths of those who have been lost, to go and find people alone.

We thank you, oh Mother, because showing you to us
Free from all stain of sin, You remind us that God's grace is first,
there is the love of Jesus Christ who gave his life for us, there is the strength of the Holy Spirit that makes all things new.
Make us not give in to discouragement, but, trusting in your constant help,
Let's work hard to renew ourselves, this city, and the entire world.
Pray for us, Holy Mother of God!