15 phrases of saints of all times about the Virgin Mary

Since the beginning of Christianity, the Church has found in the Mother of God a model to follow, always highlighting her virtues. Here are 15 quotes from famous Saints about the Virgin Mary.

1. Saint Augustine of Hippo, Father and Doctor of the Church

Mary was blessed, because she, before giving birth to her teacher, she carried him in her womb ”.

2. Saint Augustine of Hippo

“Mary is also happy because she listened to the word of God and kept it; she carried the body of Christ in her womb, but even more so she kept the truth of Christ in her mind.

3. Saint Alfonso María de Ligorio, Doctor of the Church and patron of confessors and moralists

"The Eternal fell in love with your incomparable beauty, with such force, that it became like detaching himself from the bosom of the Father and choosing those virginal entrails to become your Son. And I, worm of the earth, am I not going to love you? My mother, I want to burn in your love and I propose to exhort others to love you too. "

4. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church and famous for his love for the Virgin Mary

"If the tempest of temptations rises, if you fall on the stumbling block of sadness, raise your eyes to the Star of the Sea: invoke Mary!".

5. Saint Bernard, composer also of many Marian prayers

“If She holds your hand, you cannot sink. Under her cloak there is nothing to fear ”.

6. Saint Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscans and devotee of the Virgin

"God save you, Mary, Mother of God. In You is and was all the fullness of grace and all good."

7. Saint Irenaeus, Father of the Church of the first centuries who fought heresies

"The knot of Eve's disobedience was untied by Mary's obedience; what the Virgin Eve bound by unbelief, the Virgin Mary untied by faith."

8. San Luis María Griñón de Monfort, author of several Marian books among which is the "Treatise on true devotion to the Virgin Mary."

"I am all yours Oh Maria, and all that I have is yours."

9. San Luis María Griñón de Monfort

"Whoever God wants to make very holy, he makes him devoted to the Virgin Mary."

10. Saint John Bosco, great propagator of the devotion to Mary Help of Christians

"Devotion and love to the Blessed Virgin Mary is a great protection and a powerful weapon against the wiles of the devil."

11. Saint Teresa of Jesus, mystic and Doctor of the Church

"A great thing is what pleases Our Lord any service that is done to his Mother."

12. Saint Teresa of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church and Patroness of the missions

"With the faithful practice of the most humble and simple virtues, you have made my Mother, visible to all the straight path of Heaven".

13. Saint Teresa of the Andes, Latin American Discalced Carmelite

"Mary, you are the Mother of the Universe. Who does not dare to see you so tender, so compassionate, to discover his intimate torments? If he is a sinner, your caresses soften him. If he is your faithful devotee, your presence only lights the living flame of divine love ".

14. Saint John Paul II, the Pope of the family

"You have given us your Mother as ours to teach us to meditate and adore in her heart. She, receiving the Word and putting it into practice, became the most perfect Mother."

15. Saint John Paul II, the pilgrim Pope

“Give us your eyes, Mary, to decipher the mystery that is hidden behind the fragility of the members of the Son. Teach us to recognize her face in children of all races and cultures ”. Saint John Paul II, the pilgrim Pope.