12 teachings about the Virgin according to Pope Francis

Our journey of faith is inextricably linked to Mary from the moment that Jesus, dying on the cross, gave her to us as Mother.

Pope Francis, in each of his homilies about our always virginal Mother, assures us that Mary looks at each and every one of us, as a mother and with great tenderness, mercy and love, and always encourages us to feel her kind look.

On one occasion, he told us that "the Christian who does not have Mary as his mother is an orphan." And it is that the Holy Father almost does not finish any of his speeches without invoking the powerful help of our Lady and Queen of all Christians

And it is that she is a model of every vocation, she was not afraid to say her "fiat" of her to the call of the Lord, to the divine encounter of God with humanity. And it is that she accompanies us and guides us, teaches us the meaning of living in the Holy Spirit and knowing how to welcome the novelty of God in our lives.

Here are the teachings that Pope Francis gives us about Mary:

  1. A Christian without the Virgin is an orphan. Also a Christian without a Church is an orphan. A Christian needs these two women, two mothers, two virgins: The Church and the Mother of God.

  2. Our Lady does precisely this with us, she helps us to grow humanly and in faith, to be strong and not to give in to the temptation to be men and Christians in a superficial way, but to live with responsibility, to tend more and more towards what is high.

  3. She is a mother, helps her children to grow and wants them to grow well, so she educates them not to give in to laziness (which also derives from a certain well-being) not to settle for a comfortable life that is content only to have a few things .

  4. Mary gives us health, she is our health.
  5. She is the mother who takes care of the children so that they grow more and more, grow strong, capable of assuming responsibilities, of assuming commitments in life, of tending towards great ideals.
  6. María is a mother and a mother cares above all about the health of her children…. The Virgin watches over our health. What does this mean? I think above all about three aspects: she helps us to grow, to face life, to be free
  7. The Virgin Mary, therefore, educates her children in realism and strength in the face of obstacles, which are inherent in life itself and which she herself suffered by participating in the sufferings of her Son.
  8. She is a mother who takes her child not always on the “safe” path, because she cannot grow in this way. But not only about the risk, because it is dangerous. A mother knows balance these things. A life without challenges does not exist and a boy or a girl who does not know how to face them by putting himself into play does not have a backbone!
  9. Mary fights with us, she supports Christians in the fight against the forces of evil.
  10. Mary is the mother who with patience and tenderness leads us to God, so that she unties the knots of our soul.
  11. Maria is a good mother, a good mother not only accompanies children in their growth, without avoiding problems, life's challenges, a good mother also helps to make final decisions with freedom.
  12. Mary's entire existence is a hymn to life, a hymn of love to life: she has generated Jesus in the flesh and has accompanied the birth of the Church on Calvary and in the Upper Room.


Mary, make us feel your motherly gaze, guide us to your Son, make us not showcase Christians, but of those who know how to stain their hands to build with your Son Jesus his Kingdom of love, joy and peace. Amen.

"Dear brothers: Mary, the Salus Populi Romani, is the mother who gives us health in growth, to face and overcome problems, to make us free for definitive options; the mother who teaches us to be fruitful, to be open to life and to be ever more fruitful in goodness, in joy, in hope, never to lose hope, to give life to others, physical and spiritual life.

Our journey of faith is inextricably linked to Mary from the moment that Jesus, dying on her cross, gave her to us as her Mother, saying: "Behold your mother" "(Jn 19:27).

Pope Francisco